Friday, 29 May 2020

#Mywordfortoday is "The miseducation of #Pride".

#Mywordfortoday is The miseducation of #Pride.

My word today is a mouthful because Pride, alongside its first cousin Rebellion, also gets a very bad rap.

We are miseducated about pride because over the years, we have used hubris and arrogance interchangeably with pride.

We have also consistently depicted humility as being the direct opposite of pride, and so, we are tempted to think that to place our weaknesses before people is a form of humility.

No it is not.

Some leadership styles also think that we can’t be humble and confident at the same time. Perhaps it is due to phrases like "pride goes before a fall" portraying pride as being a vice, and not a virtue

A genuinely confident leader is humble at his/her core. He/She does not have to be arrogant to lead. If you are tempted to lead with arrogance, what you are doing is simply “De-Marketing Yourself”.

Pride, like many concepts has a smorgasbord of flavours. In my humble 😋 view, positive pride is an emotional result of succeeding at a thing.

Pride is inbuilt in us, operating as a sort of reward button when we achieve some stuff we set out to do.

The Bible in Genesis records that when God looked over all he had made, he saw that it was very good. God takes pride in his creations, why shouldn't we do the same?

Whatever you do in this one life that you have come, please do not belittle yourself, do not underrate yourself, do not smile deprecatingly whilst telling someone “I am not too good at this or that”, instead smile with confidence and discuss what you are good at.

Nobody has it all together, we are struggling with one thing or the other, those persons you look up to, those whom you live a portion of your life by their spoken values, those you put on pedestals and you marvel at their brilliance all have their struggles.

And it will shock you that you have some virtues, some values that they also are hoping to emulate or have. As a matter of fact, when people know the chink in your armor, they will use it against you in ways that may badly hurt you.

Belittling or underrating yourself under the guise of being humble is a form of low self - esteem. Speaking low of yourself is not humility, and taking pride in your achievements is not arrogance.

I am on a mission to teach young women to positively showcase themselves, put themselves forward and not hide behind the veneer of humility.

As I share these thoughts, I am equally speaking to myself:  Bibire, focus on your strengths, work on your weaknesses and take pride in your work if you want to fulfill your potentials.

“You will attract more good into your own life if you invest in taking pride in yourself and positively Marketing Yourself."

One of the secrets of Great Men and Women is that they promote themselves shamelessly.

You call it Pride, we call It Marketing and We Call you; The Guy or Girl with low Self-Esteem”

Do not de-market yourself, it is not a form of Humility.

Bibire ose Fowora💋

(Pedigree cannot be bought or Class cannot be bought with Money)


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